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Dairyland Special

New technology allows the ROTO GRIND to grind dairy quality alfalfa to a longer, coarser length without powdering the leaves. High capacity with as little as 65 H.P. can be expected. With minor changes, the ROTO GRIND can also grind other forages and grains. Payoffs are high when you can grind poorer quality hay to blend into a ration for your dry cows, replacement heifers, and steers. Your hay waste goes to less than 1%. Grinding also knocks the mold out of your hay, which is much better for your cattle. ROTO GRIND works excellent for chopping and spreading bedding.

ROTO GRIND can also chop high moisture silage bales of up to 70% moisture. Processing silage bales would require at least 100 H.P.

The ROTO GRIND will improve the efficiency and life of all TMR Mixers. Now available with heavy duty hard surfaced hammers that handle tough grass hay and wet hay even better, and with longer hammer life. With your roughage ground in a ROTO GRIND, your Total Mixer Ration is much more uniform, and easier to blend in an inexpensive mixer-feeder unit. By getting a longer fiber length, you can eliminate D.A's.

Also Available: The same grinder as above but with a lower tub. Only 7'4 high for the operation that must use a skid steer loader with a restricted lift height.

New Optional Equipment: A Swivel for the discharge spout allows you to direct the flow 180 degrees; A hydraulic cylinder for the spout used for chopping and spreading bedding on the go, controlled from the tractor seat (will spread from 10' to 45' away from the machine); A short spout for bedding calf hutches.

For unsurpassed versatility look to the ROTO GRIND. The mover in the grinding industry.

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