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Roto Grind
Fisher Pumps

Don't waste your feed. Turn it into pounds of beef or additional milk production.

If it's not too thick to flow, we can pump it!


Burrows Enterprises, LLC. from Greeley, Colorado, has been designing and manufacturing agriculture equipment and products since 1977. Our largest line is the Roto Grind Tub Grinder. This machine, designed and patented by Harvey Burrows, is now the top selling Tub Grinder in the World.


During the mid 1970's, Harvey designed a grinder capable of grinding all types of forages, grains, and other feeds. This machine controls how fine the grind is without using screens. While designing and fine tuning prototypes, he became satisfied that the new design would eliminate the problems caused by grinding wet materials with screen grinders.


After production, he encountered other pleasant surprises:
Grinding capacity exceeded expectations
The Roto Grind used less horse power than screen-type grinders at the same capacity
The grind is more consistent than other types of grinders


What's more, the simplicity of design requires only 2 moving parts. This results in:
Lower maintenance costs
Less replacement cost of wear items
Lower initial machine cost


Since Burrows Enterprises is a small, family owned business, we had to gain our reputation through honesty, word of mouth, and through the creation of an excellent product. As we have grown in the past 30 years, we have kept improving the quality, performance, and versatility of the Roto Grind. We are in constant contact with end users, dealers, and sales people. We are open to suggestions from our distributors and users on new improvements and changes.


Member of FEMA


Other products manufactured by Burrows Enterprises LLC. are:
Grain Grinder with Auger Feed
3 Point Grain Grinders
Fisher Pumps used in Irrigation, Industrial, Oil field, Manure and Construction applications
Our basic philosophy is to keep our products as versatile, simple, and low cost as possible
Our goal is to make certain we make every effort to produce the best product on the market
Every production run we make produces the best Roto Grind Tub Grinder yet made

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